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Are White Cabinets Going Out of Style?

In the Kitchen & Bath market, white kitchens continue to dominate the market. Their popularity dates back to the early 1920s, where only white cabinets were made by some manufacturers. Here are the answers researched by kitchen cabinets Charleston, SC.
They are light and airy, they can open a kitchen room, and one thing is for sure, they will stand the test of time. Why do we love them? When buying a white cabinet, you can't really go wrong, since it will retain its value in your home for years to come.
But... Are white cabinets out of style on their way? Designers think it is safe to assume that the white cabinet is never going to go out of style, although in recent years we have seen a lot of bold color options for cabinets. Blues, whites, grays, and greens contain several modern color patterns.
How can color be integrated into your kitchen? Our designers recommend using white cabinets for your upper cabinets, and using a different color cabinet for either the island and/or lower cabinets, if you would prefer to have white cabinets with a pop of another color.  For us to decide which direction the design will travel in, white cabinets will continue to be the basis of conversation; plain and clean vs. bold and vibrant and all in between.
White Kitchen Cabinets' Versatility
They think of airy, clean and open spaces when people think of white. While "white does not hide stains well" might be your first impression, white kitchen cabinets help homeowners see and spot stains more easily and clean them before they do any further harm. Dark cabinets are also dirtier and home to more bacteria, so they can conceal stains and bacteria.
Looking for your kitchen to brighten up? White cabinets are going to do the trick! This is particularly effective when natural light is lacking in your kitchen.
White cabinets make it feel bigger for small kitchens. In a room, dark cabinets will close, while white opens up the room and gives the illusion that it is larger than it really is.
For any design theme, white kitchens are the ideal backdrop. And the best thing is that you can redecorate your white kitchen cabinets for a whole new feel when you're tired of your current style. White kitchen cabinets with rugs, curtains, artwork, barstools, light fixtures, and backsplashes are a perfect blank canvas to add bursts of color and personality. While your style could change over the years, with white cabinets, you can easily upgrade your kitchen accessories.
White kitchens survive the time test and are assured to remain in style. This not only helps with your own interior design efforts, but if you wish to pass, it improves your home's resale value.